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    Body Care - Electric foot care device Ballerina

    Body Care - Electric foot care device Ballerina

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    Experience the power of world tension with our electric pedicure tools, perfect for removing hard and cracked dead skin on your feet and heels. Say goodbye to calluses and look forward to clean, well-groomed feet.

    This electric pedicure device is a novelty in the foot care industry. Thanks to the worldwide universal voltage, this device can be used anywhere in the world without any problems. Don't worry about compatibility issues while traveling anymore! The electric design of this file makes removing hard, cracked and dead skin an effortless task. Say goodbye to painful calluses with ease! In addition, this device ensures that your feet always remain clean and well-groomed - and you can get a well-groomed appearance without having to leave your house. Treat yourself or someone else to silky smooth feet with our top-of-the-line electric pedicure device!

    • Efficiently removes hard, cracked and dead skin from your feet with its powerful electric motor
    • Global universal voltage ensures that you can use the device anywhere in the world without any problems
    • Helps you get smooth, healthy looking feet by removing calluses and other rough spots
    • The electric pedicure is a cost-effective foot care solution that saves time and money compared to in-salon treatments

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